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Cleaning, Protecting and Sealing of surfaces.
Protecting your investment against wear & tear, dirt and aggressive pollutants.
Giving surfaces a longer lasting clean and shiny look.

UV Light

Ultraviolet light is a radiation that comes from the sun. Painted and coated surfaces are slowly destroyed by this powerful ... read more

Spend Time

Cleaning and maintaining surfaces can take time and energy. Depending on the material, often mechanical force has to be used ... read more

High Protection

Every surface is exposed to exterior conditions. These could be sunlight, salty sea water and corrosive fresh water ... read more


Surfaces need to be clean, before they can be protected. Most cleaning agents stay at the surface and require great ... read more


Effective surface protection needs to be temperature resistant. Some common surface protection materials on the market ... read more

Dust & Dirt

They are the greatest enemies of automotive paint, boat gel coatings or even textile awnings. Dust & Dirt are composed of ... read more


Newest knowledge about of our products.

QP-ON 4.2-Teakcleaner & Teakcoating

Solvent-free cleaning and coating with two high-tech products. We have been working on this for a long time.

Power Shampoo and Coating

We are always looking for solutions to create perfect surfaces. Our laboratory has a plethora of innovative solutions for the future.

Natural and biological Epoxy cleanzer

Natural and biological Epoxy cleaner from QP-ON. Epoxy resins are extensively used in the maritime industry.

Rust remover and Rust Stopper

If you have been working with our products, then you know that Silicium-Titanium-based compounds like our QP-ON 2.

We protect

Cars Trucks and Cycles

A brand new car gives you a great feeling. The smell, the clean interior and the excellent new paint.

Household & Pool

It is at this level, where the problems start. Corrosion starts long before you see the brown rusty stuff at the surface.

Boats & Yachts

This is only what happens underneath your boat. There is still the UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun.

Our Latest Blog

News blog QP-ON, informs you about facts, perfect technique, applications and the coating of luxury goods.

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Our special Service

We proud to present our products and further more we offer a cleaning service for our clients world wide. Here some details about the exclusiv service.
Special Yacht Cleaning

Special Yacht Cleaning

Client: Arabic InvestorDate: 12/12/2015

We have excellent relationships with the crews and captains of some of the most beautiful Yachts in the world.

Read More
Car Cleaningservice

Car Cleaningservice

Client: English Luxury Car RentalDate: 21/01/2016

Only QP-ON uses the special combination of Silicium with Titanium, to create a very resistant surface protection on your car.

Read more
Cleaning your household

Cleaning your household

Client: Villa in SpainDate: 02/12/2015

Our product line was especially designed to preserve high quality items – whether they are made of aluminum, marble..

Read more

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