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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 17:28

Advantages and Disadvantages and How to clean polyester resin and epoxy resin from hands and tools?

Ships – of any size – are exposed to a lot of elements and mechanical forces. Big galleons had a permanent crew of carpenters, sail cloth sewers and other men to repair the hull and to avoid leaks. Rotting was the least of their problems. Nowadays complete wooden ships are found in salty sea water and some of these old ships are in good conditions. The problems come from marine life like shipworms or other mollusks, that started to corrode the ship.

Saturday, 26 November 2016 14:12

For a healthy environment - Eco think green: We have only one world and only one nature

Companies and consumers face a big responsibility: reducing our “ecological footprint” on the planet. We need to preserve and protect the soil, water, air, fish and wildlife. Human health is another important issue. The accumulation of chemicals in a typical household represents a challenge and may cause respiratory irritations, asthma and foremost more allergies. Becoming ecologically sustainable is not only a desirable goal, but our obligation towards present and future generations.

Thursday, 30 June 2016 16:44

Easy cleaning and maintenance of acrylic surfaces – taking care of your Pool, Spa or Hot Tub has never been so easy!

Hot tub or Spa owners know this problem. After a while the surface looks dull and fine scratches start to appear. Some hot tub owners even have problems with nail polish. The hot water and the chemicals can make nail polish softer and create marks on the acrylic surface or your hot tub. You cannot use acetone to remove nail polish marks, as this will damage the surface structure and even void your warranty. The contents of industrial nail polish remover will react with the acrylic surface and act as a solvent! The only other solution is mechanical removal – usually using sandpaper and polish. With our series of compounds this is not necessary anymore!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 14:38

Surface protection for the 21st century – Preserve and protect!

The new car looks shiny and perfect. After a while, the paint becomes dull and lackluster. What happened? In order to answer that, we need to zoom in and look at the surface at microscopic level. The word “microscopic” means, that something is too small, to be seen with the naked eye. The scope is at “micro level”, which is at a very small scale. Microscopic units start at one millionth of 1 meter.

It is at this level, where the problems start. Corrosion starts long before you see the brown rusty stuff at the surface. The process starts long before that. Small water droplets go into the structure (pores) and remain there. Dirt particles, smaller than the width of one hair get trapped inside this “labyrinth” of “mountains and valleys. Cleaning only removes dirt particles that are big enough and attached to the outer surface of the material. There is no smooth surface structure – under the microscope most surfaces look roughed and have valleys. It is here, where dirt, grease and other elements become trapped, filling in the gaps and contributing to the destructive process. You will only see the end result: dull and mate surfaces, brittle and scratched surfaces and a dirty appearance. Things look “old”. The colors start to fade or to become yellowish, stained and used. The process can be reversed at a certain point.

Sunday, 14 February 2016 14:38

Protect your boat, jet-ski, canoe or any other water vehicle against the aggressive elements of nature

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a very expensive yacht or a small rowing boat, the cause of destruction will be the same: the natural elements of nature. There is – for once – the problem with biofouling. Sea water is full of plankton, algae and other biological elements, that literally “eat away” the precious investment under your feet. Every boat owner battles the corrosive results of sea water. The salt dilution is highly aggressive and will contribute to the destructive process. The chemical processes, a combination of mineral and biological materials in the water interacting with sunlight and other factors, create a very powerful destructive force.

This is only what happens underneath your boat. There is still the UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun. Look at any wood parts on your boat and you will know exactly what we mean. The flaking of varnish is not only the result of strong sun light. Rain (with other mineral elements trapped in every droplet) and the sodium chloride (sea salt) that is also in the air, will destroy any maritime vehicle!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 14:38

Taking detailing to the next level – Luxury surface protection for cars, motorcycles and caravans

A brand new car gives you a great feeling. The smell, the clean interior and the excellent new paint. Everything is shiny and looks perfect. After a few days, weeks and months the good look is gone rather quickly. Cars need constant cleaning and detailing. The detailing process can be quite expensive and time consuming. The application of car wax is also complicated and often requires a professional car detailer. There is another problem with car wax. The product will melt away (due to sunlight exposure) and the residues will attract more dirt and dust. The car wax must be removed again. Normal washing is not enough.

It is important to clean and protect your car, not only because the exterior looks nice. This is also an important preservation of value and investment. The most popular reason for auto detailing is to protect the original paint. During car detailing process with QP-ON products, the painted surface will be sealed and protected. The sealing with QP-ON products makes the car look shiny and new again, but also serves as paint protection.

The Productrange of QP-ON | QUALITY PROTECTION ON your surface

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