UV Light

UV light

Ultraviolet light is a radiation that comes from the sun. Painted and coated surfaces are slowly destroyed by this powerful electromagnetic radiation. After long exposure car paint becomes dull, boat surfaces get stained and lackluster. Plastic materials become rough and brittle. QP-ON Products create a powerful protective coat against the aggressive effects of UV-A and UV-B radiation.




Only a resistant medium by any temperature is the right formula for any surface protection. Our QP-ON products are temperature-resistant at about -50 to +240 degrees Celsius and are therefore still active and efficient on your surface during the deep winter of Alsaka or in the high summer in the desert of Africa. Even in the case of strong temperature fluctuations, such as in a car that is parked in the sun during the summer and then on the highway in the kühel Fahrtwind, our products can easily maintain their characteristics.


high protection

High Protection

High Protection Every surface is exposed to exterior conditions. These could be sunlight, salty sea water and corrosive fresh water, all kinds of chemicals, organic and non-organic materials and everyday wear and tear. Some surfaces have to be resistant against a combination of these factors. Only a protective coat with a high grade of protection, will give surfaces a longer lifetime. QP-ON uses some of the most resistant materials on earth: minerals like silicium, titan and ceramic.




Surfaces need to be clean, before they can be protected. Most cleaning agents stay at the surface and require great amounts of water and scrubbing. The surface structure is destroyed and dirt particles can adhere easily. Dirt and dust goes deeper into the pores of the surface. This is where QP-ON Cleansing products play an important part. Deep cleaning is part of the process.


high protection

Dust & Dirt

They are the greatest enemies of automotive paint, boat gel coatings or even textile awnings. Dust & Dirt are composed of many components, depending on the geographical region and the environmental settings. Dust is always in the air, whether it is seen or not and in due time, this will create surface damage. QP-ON products create a smooth, resistant second skin on any hard material and stop the penetration of dust & dirt, into the deeper pores of the surface.



Save Time

Cleaning and maintaining surfaces can take time and energy. Depending on the material, often mechanical force has to be used, to remove persistent dirt and filth. Water and chemical agents are used, to dissolve biological and other kinds of dirt, like grease, pollen, resins or bird droppings. Some kinds of dirt mix up and become even harder to remove. Applying QP-ON, will create a resistant surface protection. Cleaning becomes as easy as a gentle wipe.


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