Every material – be it man-made or natural – has its own specific properties. These properties will determine if and how a material will react with exterior variables. These could be in form of temperature (heat / cold) or in form of liquids, chemicals, biological components, radiation or a combination of these. Surface protection is in reality the science of material protection.

The structure of any material is very unique and will determine what kind of cleaning and protective measures are necessary. As an example, glass is much more resistant to corrosion than most materials. After many years of exposure to the elements, it can remain clear and unaffected. Despite the resistant nature of glass, under certain conditions it will corrode, even dissolve. One example are acids and alkali solutions. Both attack glass in different ways. Alkalis for instance attack the silica that is contained in the material composition that makes up glass. Acids attack the alkali that is also part of glass. Acid would corrode (“eat up”) the alkali present in glass and leave a porous surface, that consists of the silica network. This also means, that the surface of glass is not completely smooth. It has, what is called “lattice” or a honeycomb pattern. This can only be seen under the microscope. Organic and inorganic contaminants can fill these holes and even react chemically with the glass compound. If this process continues, then glass becomes stained, discolored and loses its transparency.

This is just one example. We could mention hundreds of other material properties and structures. Every surface would need its own kind of protection and set of cleaning materials, as each material will react to other materials.

The genius solution comes in form of a protective layer, made of minerals like Silicium or Titan. The special characteristics of these minerals help to protect thousands of surface structures and material compositions, without destroying the wonderful and unique structure that is underneath.

The QP-ON Laboratory created a unique formula that will protect and seal any kind of material taking into consideration the science of material structures. The Silicium Titan molecules create a thin and even second surface structure, which will protect the original material surface and impede the intrusion of foreign particles. These could come in form of: grease, chemicals, tree resins, insects and bird droppings, algae, dust particles or any other form of particles considered “dirt”. Dirt is in reality just another material – liquid or solid – that settles on the surface or creates a new bonding with the surface. Some materials have deep structures (pores) and “dirt” can enter and “clog” the pores. This will lead to ugly, stained, “old” and dirty surfaces. At this point, cleaning can only do so much, because the process happens at the upper surface.

Another kind of destruction happens if radiation hits the surface. This radiation can come in form of sunlight or in form of microwave radiation. In any case, the surface structure (which consists of atoms) will have some kind of reaction. We only see the results: acrylic windows (in boats) become brittle, yellowish and lose their transparent properties. The surface structure of this material was “bombed” with UV-A or UV-B radiation and changed over the years.

QP-ON products create a strong layer of Silicium and/or Titan to protect any surface against:

  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Sweet or salt water
  • UV-radiation
  • Acids (with some exceptions, please refer to the respective data sheets)
  • Organic and inorganic materials (resins, algae, bird droppings, grease)

Try our products and see the results. Our chemists did a fantastic job with a complete product line to protect surfaces of any kind against dirt and corrosion. In result, surfaces receive a unique shine and high-gloss. This is due to the Silicium Titan particles which reflect the light and give the surface a very special new shiny appearance.

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