A Ready-to-use biological cleaner, derived from complex polyglycosides (sugar). The formulation was based on glucose derivatives that enhance the cleaning and foaming process. They readily biodegrade and are therefore considered eco-friendly. The solution is alkaline and offers a perfect solution for heavily soiled surfaces, especially with elements that contain oil, grease and similar organic pollutants.

This cleaner will remove difficult dirt, e.g. industrial equipment, machinery, kitchens. Can be used in industrial settings and as well in a household environment. Due to the composition of this product, it is deemed as safe for human and animal health in the home as well as in the environment. Ideal for persons with respiratory or dermatological conditions


QP-ON 9.0 is based on glucose, free of toxins, biocides and other dangerous chemicals. Considered a green product. Biodegradable, according to the European Ecolabel. Sold in liquid form, with a fresh scent. Can be used with any commercial cleaning and high pressure machine.


  • Home – Exterior and Interior

  • Bathrooms, Mirrors, Showers, Bathtubs, Tiles

  • Glass table tops, furniture

  • Entrance halls, polished floors, reception desks

  • Swimming pools, Spas and Saunas

  • Boats, Yachts, Jet-Skis, Catamarans, Surfboards, Sailing boats – Exterior and Interior

  • Cars - Alloy wheels, Windows, car body - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels

  • Trucks - Alloy wheels, Windows, truck body - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels

  • Motorcycles, Quad-Vehicles, Bicycles, Mountain bikes

  • Motorhomes and Caravans, Camping equipment

  • Planes, Bi-motors, Gliders and Sailplanes

  • Sports equipment and all kinds of gear

  • Industrial machinery

  • Health care sector (Clinics, Hospitals, Health facilities)

  • Commercial kitchens and Agricultural installations


This unique product was awarded with the European Ecolabel. The label is a guarantee for environmentally friendly products and shows our commitment to maintain a line of products that are sustainable, economic and biodegradable.
QP-ON 9.0 ECO Series is free of toxic and sensitizing components. The formula is free of biocides, colorants, perfumes and prohibited substances like solvents or VOC. Unlike other cleaning products, this will also leave the surface with a shiny and smooth effect. The perfect ground preparation for QP-ON 2.0 and QP-ON 3.0. The cleaning results are more profound and the environment is protected. Due to the cleaning power, this product requires only a low quantity of fresh water for the rinsing process. Can be used on most surfaces, like: glass, wood, stone, rubber, chrome, aluminum, metal, tissues. Please test on an inconspicuous area first!

qp-on 9.0

Applicable to the following surfaces:







pool & spa

Pool & spa


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