The QP-ON cleaning service

Professional cleaning services for customers with high standards. Not every cleaning team is able to tackle some of the most complex cleaning problems. Some of our customers require a specialty service, which can only be provided by a team of specialists. Some of our customers also need a high degree of discretion. This is why QP-ON is proud to offer a unique cleaning service to meet all these demands. Our cleaning teams are trained professionals and will use the QP-ON method and product line to clean, coat and protect your valuable goods. This service is ideal for owners of villas, mansions, high value properties, yachts and luxury vehicles. We will also provide special services to businesses and corporations worldwide that require a deep understanding of cleaning related problems. Our network of partners operates worldwide and can be operative within a very short amount of time. Please contact us, to discuss the specifics and eventual travel arrangements.

We clean your surface

Cleaning service

You need a professional cleaning? Make a request, now.

We clean your surface and protect it against environmental influences.

The application areas of care services

Personalized Yacht Care Product line

QP-ON for Superyachts - Nowadays only a few Mega Yachts or Superyachts cruise the world seas. Our team had the privilege to visit some of them and to test our Yacht cleaning and care products.

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Special Cleaning Services for Marines

Boats, Yachts, Sailing boats, Jet-Skis, Water Sport equipment – there is nothing that we cannot protect against: algae, biofouling, sunlight exposure, salt water and the aggressive maritime environment.

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Special Cleaning Services for Households

Cleaning is never easy. Keeping the brilliance and clean look is constant work. We now have a special cleaning service for Villas, Bungalows, Apartments or High-end Condominiums.

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Special Cleaning Services for Vehicles

Detailing services for Cars, SUV’s, Trucks and Motorbikes. If you need a very special detailing service for show cars, automotive fairs or for that vintage automobile in the garage, then QP-ON is your best choice.

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The Cleaning Services for Business & Industry

Cleaning needs to be efficient and save costs. Reducing cleaning cycles and preserving investment is of primordial importance.

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The Cleaning Services for Pool & Spa

The minerals in the water, the natural environmental pollutants, grease (from sun lotions or body fluids) are only a few of the factors that contribute to the problem. Many filter systems are clogged with dirt and other elements.

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The Productrange of QP-ON | QUALITY PROTECTION ON your surface

The ECO Green Productrange of QP-ON | Super environmentally friendly

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